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My Story: Give Today
October 1, 2023

Hi everyone. I'm Amber Williams the founder and executive director of saving a life. Our organization has been around since 2021. Today I wanted to come and talk to you about why you should donate to our organization and share a little bit about my mental health Journey in 2016.  I suffered a mental health crisis. I lost my shelter no food no hard job and simply I had lost hope for living. I tried to take my own life back in 2016. And with the grace of my higher power I survived to be able to bring to this organization to you today. For two years we have fought the good fight of trying to help those in the community save their lives. What I'm asking you to do today is to donate to us so we can continue to save lives of those in Los Angeles County and worldwide. Why suicide is and suicidality organizations are so important is because we're not not we're trying to not only destigmatize mental illness but we're trying to cultivate a movement of healing spaces support groups and resources for people in need. Just think I would not be here with you today if it wasn't for an organization like mine fighting to help me fight for my own life and with that in mind please donate to our cause ... our worthy cause today we need you. Help us save lives together.