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From The Saving A Life Team: Donate Today.
October 1, 2023

Hello. A recent reputable study revealed that in the year 2022 more Americans took their own lives than ever before in the history of this nation Americans of all ages Young middle aged elders this tragedy is being addressed by other organizations and our organization saving a life because I want to help do anything stop this sad waste of life therefore I ask you support us do your part and support us saving a life so that we might all together work to put a stop to this tragedy thank you mental illness is real it oftentimes it manifests itself as suicide could happen to you or someone in your family or someone you know a friend perhaps so again we're asking you to support us volunteer be part of us donate to us saving our life we're here to fight suicide everyone as our team has said and I reiterate we cannot do this without you we can't do it alone think about those who need you in your community in LA County Nationwide worldwide we need you to Foster love connection and support for those are suffering with another honest please donate to us today we want to see you at our events we would love to just hear from you to know how you're doing and not just those dealing with mental illness and suicidality this is for those with live experiences from mental honest as well for our fall campaign and for next year we hope to get so many donations that we have endless amount of funding to go through with our mission of helping all human beings to Live Another Day donate today thank you and see you soon thank you