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A Video About Donating to Saving A Life
for Create A Documentary
August 4, 2023

Hello everyone. I am Amber Williams the executive director and founder of saving a life. We need your help. We're working to fund and bring together a documentary about individuals especially people of color especially African Americans living with mental illness and suicidality here in the in the United States. This documentary is so near and dear to my heart because so often I watch the different shows videos or other documentaries about everybody else's experience and I never see anyone that looks like me. I want to change that. I want to bring together a documentary about those living within our nation who are people of color African-American dealing with suicidality and mental illness. I not only want to share their their lived experiences but help for them to come together and share their thoughts about what is it going to take to change the trajectory of where we're headed in this country with people of color living with mental illness. We seek to receive funding from people like you to make this project possible the black experience mental illness is suicidality. We cannot bring this to life without your help. Please click the button below to donate today. Thank you.